Through the game we'll gather a special kind of items, artifacts. They are very helpful and may be needed to end a level, because without we wouldn't get to right place or etc.

Artifacts Edit

Sandals of Ikumpet Edit


It's the first artifact we get, we can gather it in the same place that we got M-60, Karnak Sanctuary. They greatly increase our jump height and make us able to jump in some places unreachable without it.

Sobek Mask Edit


It's a second artifact, we gather in Sobek Mountain Shrine. It is second of most helpful artifacts, because without it we can breathe underwater without losing health for 4 seconds and with it equipped we can breath without losing health for 36 seconds. So yeah...

Shawl of Isis Edit


It's a shawl with something representing, I think wings. When we have it, we can use them to fall down very slowly without taking damage. Press and hold while falling, to float down. We gather it after defeating Set, in Set Arena.

Protective Anklets Edit


The third of most useful artifacts, they are just anklets. They are giving us partial (60%) protection from lava and acid/ swampland. This means that we can walk on lava or acid/ swampland without instantly dying. We can get it in Thoth Treasure Reliquary.

Kilmaat Scepter Edit


It's a gold scepter, with green orb on the top. It's giving us ability to walk trough force fields, you know the green lasers like things, that are mostly in walls. We gather it (after defeating Selkis?)[Not sure] in Selkis Burrow.

Horus Feather Edit


This is the first of the best artifacts, it's a feather. That grants us ability to fly/ levitate, it's working very simple. After jumping or when falling we just need to press and hold jump button to fly/ levitate. We get it at Horus Peak.

Additional Information Edit

In PC version of PowerSlave there is a seventh artifact, called "Unseen Eye". The title isn't saying us anything like all the names of artifacts, so I will explain what it does. The Unseen Eye icon is an eye (well I think that's obvious), when we have it we can use it by pressing a button, but I don't know which. By using it we are invisible for all enemies for a short period of time, something like 10 seconds. It was gathered in map "Philae". Note: You will not get to this map on Play Station version or Sega Saturn one, because on the PC version there are other maps, with different design.

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